Roll it, smoke it

& get the characters

Get Spaced out &

unfuck the world
with billy blaze!

play it now!
Out Now On Google Play!

Kick back, chillax &

Let The Bullshit Flow
With earl bredren!

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get fuk'd up but

watch yo back with
nino cash!

play it now!
Out Now On Google Play!

Smoking Weed - the series..out now on google play!!!

ROLL IT, SMOKE IT & GET THE CHARACTERS STONED! - Unique character interactions! unfuck the world with Billy Blaze, Chill out with Earl Bredren or Get fuk'd up with Nino Cash!! Gather the weed – not so easy once you’re wrecked! Realistic movement – it feels like you’re rolling a joint! Realistic smoking – inhale on the mic to smoke it! ..Tap your phone to ash it!!

Play 100 levels to unlock all the cool skins! - 10 Cool rolling papers & Reefers to unlock! -Impress your mates by sharing high scores! - Replay you're favourite joints to show off your skills to your mates! - Unlocked joints can be smoked Anytime, Anywhere! - Brag HIGH scores to your Facebook friends! Read More ›