Banned from the apple appstore !

WTF Apple.. Chillout n roll a fatty you self righteouse mofo's!

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Sorry all you adult iPhone users, looks like the guys at Apple have deemed you too irresponsible to play any slightly controversial games.

Jesse Pinkman - Smoking Weed !

Yo Bitches, Bet You've Been Wondering What The F*@k He's Been Doing?

Just A Funny Breaking Bad Parody... You're Welcome!

Jesse Pinkman Broke Away From The Meth Yo And Started Smoking Weed !

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Smoking Weed With Billy Blaze !

Get Spaced Out & Unf*@k The World With Billy Blaze!

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No hazy session is complete without Billy Blaze and his pizza munching primate. They promise to always smoke weed and never give a f*@k! If smoking weed has taught them anything.. it's that they love smoking weed !

Smoking Weed With Earl Bredren !

Kick Back, Chillax'n Let The Bullsh!t Flow With Earl Bredren!

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Earl Bredren is the cool, calm, but not so collected Rasta Mon who loves to burn one down and keep you entertained !

Smoking Weed With Nino Cash !

Get Fuk'd Up But Watch Yo Back With Nino Cash!

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Nino Cash is a wanabe gangbanger with a paranoid side. Share a smoke n share some jokes but whatever you do make sure you get him wasted !

Inhale The Good Shit.. Exhale The Bullshit

Erm, What was I doing Again?... Oh Yeah....

Something To Make You Feel Good.

chain surfer 3d tops the iTunes charts in china !

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Never heard of Chain Surfing? We don't blame you.. So here's the scoop. Unreel Sports #9 turns back the clock and highlights the pioneering minds behind one of the original and great extreme sports, Chain Surfing!

With special thanks to the Canadian Comedy Award winning duo

Can You Tame The Chain? Easy to play, yet tricky to master, Chain Surfer 3D will challenge the senses of even the most avid gamer. Three different game modes, each with its own amateur and professional setting offers every gamer the opportunity to enjoy chain surfing, without the risk of serious injury!.. However, fail and wipe out and expect a face plant or two!

Red Bull Tries Out Chain Surfing !

Red Bull Surfing Chains - UFSC Florianópolis

Chain Surfing Hits Fox News !

Checkout The Latest Craze !

Next Time You See A Chain Fence I Bet Some Of You Will Be Tempted!

Smoking Weed - The Series.. Out Soon On Google Play !

ROLL IT, SMOKE IT & GET THE CHARACTERS STONED! - Unique character interactions! Unf*@k the world with Billy Blaze, Chill out with Earl Bredren or Get fuk'd up with Nino Cash!! Gather the weed – not so easy once you’re wrecked! Realistic movement – it feels like you’re rolling a joint! Realistic smoking – inhale on the mic to smoke it! ..Tap your phone to ash it! - 10 Cool rolling papers & Reefers to unlock! - Impress your mates by sharing high scores! - Unique character interactions! - Replay favourite reefers to show off your skills to your mates! - Unlocked joints can be smoked Anytime, Anywhere... Great at parties! - Brag HIGH scores to your Facebook friends!