We started creating & publishing games for iPhone & Android in 2009. During this time we've had sh!t loads of fun as a company, but our motivation is still the same as the very first day, to create new and enlivening experiences appealing to the most varied audiences, with the only aim of delivering fun and entertainment.

Creating our latest "Smoking Weed" series of games has been beyond awesome, and we learnt something along the way.. weed is not a gateway drug that leads to hard drugs. It's more of a drive through drug that leads to cheeseburgers and french fries.

So when people tell us that smoking weed is bad and illegal we just laugh in their faces. Not because we hate them, we're just high as fuck!

Billy Blaze

Stoner Kid

Earl Bredren

Chilled Out Rasta Mon

Nino Cash

Wanbe Gangsta


Pizza Eating Primate


Billy Blaze' Alter Ego

Mr Anonymous

Creator Of All Things Stupid

Director / Publisher